An AWESOME pic of Vector Boom.


Vector Boom is an action/defence game created by Hero Interactive. It was announced a few months before it was released in 2009. In the game, you control a massive defensive fortification on the brink of being conquered by the enemy, and it is your mission to upgrade your fort to withhold these terrors to your land.


In-game, Vector Boom has a unique method of attack. Simply drag anywhere on the screen, and a circle will be generated. This is the radius of the bomb your ship will unleash when your release the mouse button. But bewarned, for you can only fire a certain number of times - depending on how large your bombs are - before your energy is depleted, after which it must be recharged again. (In the upgrades menu, you can upgrade the max size of your bombs, and the amount of energy you have.)

Overall, most of the gameplay is initiated through the mouse and left mouse button.


  • Vector Boom reuses sound effects from Stormwinds.

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