Stormwinds is a steampunk action game developed by Hero Interactive and released in 2008. It is an earlier work of Hero Interactive, but has since garnered a lot of success over the years. Stormwinds, as a series, stands alongside Bubble Tanks as the most popular series of Hero Interactive.


On August 8, 2007, StormWinds was first discussed in the blog COCAK's interview with Hero Interactive.[1] It was then formally announced the following week on HI's newly-founded blog.


The series charts the defence the nation of Algoria against invasion by the airfleet of Demo, a great nation accross the sea. weaponry consists of machine guns, artillery cannons and energy weapons with various special abilities, drones and airships that can dogfight with the enemy craft, "passive weapons", and buffers that positively effect other towers.


The game functions almost entirely by mouse. Turret slots are also numbered, and pressing the corresponding key on your keyboard will select that tower.

Towers Edit

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  • At the end of storm winds: the lost campaigns, algoria's capital city finally falls to the fleet of demo, however many people, including the heir to the throne, escape south as what remains of Demo's shattered but victorious airfleet.
  • this sets up the plot for the final 25-wave bonus campaign (only playable at, known simply as "the twenty five".

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