Star Forge is a HI game released in Spring of 2011. It is vaguely based off of Vectory Boom, due to the fact that Vector Boom and Star Forge's artist is Jared (the founder of Hero Interactive). Similar to a tower defense, one must make gunships in order to defend their base. As time passes, new upgrades will be available at the base. From defense upgrades to range upgrades, towers can be uniquely upgraded with several different kinds of upgrades!


Like in Vector Boom, most of the action is controlled by the mouse. Unlike Vector Boom, however, you don't fire attacks, but your towers do. Simply drag components that pop out of the star forge (located in the middle of your screen), and move them around and place them.


  • It is recommended you build a fair number of towers, and upgrade those towers quickly and be sure to heal them every once in a while.

See AlsoEdit

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