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August 16, 2012Edit


  • Yesterday, Hero Interactive Released Bubble Tanks Tower Defense 2!.
  • I know it's been quite a while since I've updated this Wiki and that Hero Interactive has gone through some tough times, but maybe this is a sign that things are looking up and the Flash game company we know and love can get back on it's feet! Let's all hope the Hero Interactive Team can grow up to size again and start pumping out more fun games!

Games In DevelopmentEdit

  • None


  • I can see a lot of edits have spawned in the past! A lot of the Bubble Tanks (1,2,A, and 3) pages have been bolstered to 'Useful Status' and I encourage Wiki-Dwellers to use them, that is--if there still are any Wiki-Dwellers here. I will work to get a lot of pages active and ready to recieve information!

Turchx - (Wiki-Creator)

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Specialty GamesEdit


  • Tailgate Toss
  • Alien Abduction
  • Roaming Fortress

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