Bubble Tanks 2

Bubble Tanks 2

Bubble Tanks 2 is the sequel to Bubble Tanks and prequel to Bubble Tanks 3. It features the ability to choose your type of tank, however not make it yourself. Bubble Tanks was a huge hit and set up for the tank creation system in Bubble Tanks Arenas and 3.


Although there is no official story for the Bubble Tanks series , it is obvious that you are a tank that has an objective to become the best tank in the bubble world. At first, you start off as a small basic tank, but you make your way up through the evolutionary paths (one of the greater features of BT2), and you will eventually fight the Ultimate Adversary to win the game and become invincible if you wish.


  • WASD - Move. (can be changed in the pause menu)
  • Mouse - Fire Primary Weapon.
  • Spacebar - Fire Secondary Weapon. (can be changed in the pause menu)
  • P - Pause. (pause button can be changed in key customization)

Pause MenuEdit

  • Tank Info - Stats about your current tank, including your Primary and Secondary weapons, and a brief description and small picture.
  • Map - A convenient map that graphs your progress through the bubble world. S marks the starting bubble, a star marks the boss arena, and your current area is in center and glowing.
  • Options - Change game quality, turn off sounds/music, and customize your keys here.
  • (X) - Return to the game.
  • (←) - Completely QUITS game. Progress will be lost.
Bubble Tanks (Series)

Balanced Heavy

Tank StatesEdit

Bubble Tanks

BT2 Tank States


Returning enemies from Bubble Tanks are in italics.

Bubble Ball: no weapons

Life Carrier: no weapons

B Fighter: Basic Cannon

L Fighter: Basic Cannon

S Fighter: Basic Cannon

Swarm Fighter: Basic Cannon

Wing Fighter: Basic Cannon

Twin: 2 Basic Cannons

Heavy Fighter: Machine Gun

Orbital Seeker Fighter: 3-Spread, Orbital Seekers

Bubble Bomber: Heavy Cannon, 2 Basic Cannons

Big Gun: Heavy Cannon

Beatle Tank: 2 Basic Cannons

Tank Killer: Basic Cannon, 3-Parallel

Horned Tanker: Basic Cannon, Machine Gun

Big Beatle: Basic Cannon, Heavy Cannon

Basic Sticky Gun Tank: Sticky Gun

Sticky/Machine Gun: Sticky Gun, Machine Gun

Mine Layer 1: Mine Dropper

Mine Layer 2: Mine Dropper, Basic Cannon

Mine Layer 3: 6 Mine Droppers

Mine Wall Maker: 4 Mine Droppers

Heavy Heavy Heavy 1: 5-Spread

Heavy Heavy Heavy 2: 360 Spread, 3-Parallel, Spawner

Heavy Heavy Heavy 3: 5-Spread (large)

Heavy Heavy Heavy 4: Sticky Gun, 2 5-Parallels, 3 Sapper Drones

Heavy Killer: 2 3-Spreads, Machine Gun, Rotating Machine Gun

Seeker Tank: Seeker

Leecher Drone Carrier 1: Leecher Drone

Sapper Fighter: Leecher Drone, Machine Gun

Sapper w/ Machine Gun: Machine Gun, 2 Sapper Drones

Seeker Carrier: Seeker Carrier

Leech Guardian: Leecher Drone, Machine Gun, Orbital Seekers

Spawn Tank: Spawner

Death Field Tank: Basic Cannon, Death Field

Mini Death Field: Death Field

360 Pulse: 360 Spread

360 Spiral Gun: Rotating Machine Gun

Rotating Machine Gun: Rotating Machine Gun (slow)

Chromatic Confusion: Light Show

Tri-Guardian: Seeker Carrier, Orbital Seekers

BFT: Heavy Cannon, 2 Basic Cannon, 2 Seekers, Spawner

Spawn Carrier: 5 Seeker Carriers, 2 3-Spreads, Spawner

Destroyer: Rotating Machine Gun (large), 2 5-Spreads, 2 Sapper Drones, Spawner

Ultimate AdversaryEdit

Top Left: 1 3-Parallel

Top: 1 Rotating Machine Gun (large), 1 Sticky Gun

Top Right: 1 3-Parallel

Bottom: 2 Sapper Drones


  • Initially, the Bonus Content (includes Sniper and BFT paths, and Arena Mode) was going to cost 5 dollars, but Hero Interactive's pact with Armor Games helped to make the Bonus Content free for everyone.
  • The strongest non-boss enemy (the Destroyer) actually has more life than the final boss.