Bubble Tanks 1

Bubble Tanks 1

Bubble Tanks 1 is the original Bubble Tanks game. It was released around 2006, near the beginning of Hero Interactive's career as a game-making company. It has received quite a positive reception from both casual and hardcore gamers alike, for its ability to control the difficulty of the game.


In the vast, unexplored undersea realm of the bubble lands, you, the sole survivor of your species, has waged war upon the other species of bubble tanks. Your tank is special, for it can travel to different bubblefields, has the ability to consume enemies' bubbles to fuel your own growth, and complete invulnerability to complete death (unlike enemies). Overall, you must continue to grow and grow until you become the strongest Bubble Tank, but the game never truly finishes from that point, as there are infinity bubblefields to explore.


You can move your tank around with the WASD buttons, and you fire your weapon with the mouse button. One click fires 1 bullet, and to fire many bullets you must keep clicking repeatedly. (this often leads to carpal tunnel, so be careful with your clicking!)


  • You can use auto-click to help you fire, if you have Carpal Tunnel syndrome. However, this makes the tank fire a ridiculous amount of bullets, overpowering your tank.
  • The final tank is a medium-sized tank with a heavy-gun and basic-gun, surrounded by a permanent shield that will absorb damage and protect your tank until it runs out, after which you must replenish the shield with more bubbles.