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Bubble Tanks is the famous HI game that started the Bubble Tanks Series. Although the user does not have any control over the shape of their tank or its abilities, it is still very addicting. There is no definite end, although the player reaches their final stage 30-45 minutes in. It is the prequel to Bubble Tanks 2 and the threeprequel to Bubble Tanks 3.

Tank EvolutionEdit

1. Basic Tank - Large bubble with Basic Cannon

2. Fighter Tank - Small tank with a machine gun that fires 2 rounds in 1 click.

3. Balanced Tank - Medium Tank that fires 3 rounds, side by side, in one click.

4. Heavy Tank - Large, final tank, with a shield, that fires a large round and small round in one click.


Big Beatle: 1 Basic Cannon, 1 Heavy Cannon

Seeker Tank: 1 Seekers

Death Field Tank: 1 Basic Cannon, 1 Death Field

Spawn Tank: 1 Spawner

BFT: 1 Spawner, 2 Seekers, 2 Basic Cannons, 1 Heavy Cannon