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Bubble Tanks 2Edit

Primary WeaponsEdit

  • Basic Cannon - Fires single bubble rounds.
  • Heavy Cannon - Fires large bullets that deal heavy damage.
  • Machine Gun - Fires bubble rounds in rapid succession.
  • 3-Shot Spread - Fires a volley of 3 rounds, spread out.
  • 2-Shot Parallel - Fires 2 rounds side-by-side.
  • 3-Shot Parallel - Fires 3 bullets in a side-by-side fashion.
  • 5-Shot Parallel - Fires 5 bullets, side-by-side.
  • Super Machine Gun - Deals more damage and fires faster than the average Machine Gun.
  • Pierce Cannon - Fires a powerful bullet that passes through multiple enemies at once.
  • 5-Shot Spread - Fires 5 bullets, spread out.
  • Strong Pierce - A stronger version of the Pierce Cannon.
  • 2-Shot MG - Fires 2 bullets, side-by-side, in rapid succession.
  • Dual Large Shell MG - Fires 2 heavy rounds, side-by-side, in rapid succession.
  • Exploding Pierce - Fires a bullet that pierces and explodes upon contact.
  • 3-Shot MG - Fires 3 rounds, side-by-side, in rapid succession.
  • Leech Cannon - Damages enemies and steals their health, restoring yours.
  • Mitosis Seekers - Sends out a seeker that splits into more seekers.
  • Bullet Buster - Fires special rounds that block bullets.

Secondary WeaponsEdit

  • Shield - Projects a temporary shield that blocks all bullets.
  • Mines - Lays down a mine that damages enemies upon contact.
  • Teleport - Teleports your tank to the mouse's location.
  • Seekers - Fires a homing missile that deals lots of damage.
  • Area Burst - Unleashes a wave that damages all within its radius.
  • Short Stun Burst - Fires a small stun-wave that immobilizes all within radius.
  • Sticky Cannon - Fires sticky rounds that immobolize enemy movement.
  • Large Stun Burst - Fires a larger wave than the Short Stun Burst.
  • Sticky Burst - Fires a 360-volley of sticky rounds.
  • Upgraded Teleport - Reloads faster than the average Teleport, every 0,5 sec.
  • Starburst Cannon - Fires a round that detonates into a 360-volley of piercing rounds.
  • Area Burst Cannon - Fires a round that explodes upon contact, dealing huge damage.
  • Disassemble - Disassembles your tank, making it invincible, but unable to fire.
  • Orbital Seekers - Launches seekers that orbit your tank and attack nearby enemies.
  • Doomsday Infect - Launches a virus seeker that infects enemies and slowly kills them.
  • Drone Conversion - Make enemy drones become your seekers.
  • Massive Cannon - Huge cannon that fires an enormous bullet that explodes, pierces, and destroys.
  • Ally Swarm - Launches ally fighters that follow your mouse and attack enemies.

Bubble Tanks ArenasEdit

Primary WeaponsEdit

  • Basic Cannon (1 GP)
  • Auto Cannon (1 GP)
  • Heavy Cannon (2 GP)
  • Mega Cannon (1 GP)
  • Bullet Buster (1 GP)
  • Machine Gun (2 GP)
  • Super Machine Gun (3 GP)
  • Dual Large MG (4 GP)
  • 2 Parallel (2 GP)
  • 3 Spread (2 GP)
  • 5 Spread (3 GP)
  • Pierce Cannon (3 GP)
  • Exploding Pierce (5 GP)
  • Leech Cannon (4 GP)

Secondary WeaponsEdit

  • Sticky Burst (2 GP)
  • Stun Burst (2 GP)
  • Seekers (2 GP)
  • Shield (2 GP)
  • Area Burst (3 GP)
  • Star Burst (3 GP)
  • Teleport Before (2 GP)
  • Teleport After (2 GP)
  • Massive Cannon (3 GP)
  • Area Burst Cannon (4 GP)
  • Drone Converter (4 GP)

Bubble Tanks 3Edit

Text Color LegendEdit

  • Free weapons.
  • Parts Pack 1 weapons.
  • Parts Pack 2 weapons.

Avatar TanksEdit

Primary WeaponsEdit

  • Basic Cannon (1 GP) - Fires basic bubble rounds.
  • Bullet Buster (1 GP) - Fires a bubble that blocks enemy fire.
  • Mega Cannon (1 GP) - More powerful and cheaper than the Heavy Cannon.
  • Machine Gun (2 GP) - Fires bubble rounds in rapid succession.
  • Heavy Cannon (2 GP) - Fires large rounds that deals heavy damage.
  • Birdshot (2 GP) - Blasts flecks sporadically, but in a tighter spread than the Shotgun with less damage.
  • Repulsor Cannon (2 GP) - Fires a small wave that pushes enemies away,and kills them if pushed off the screen.
  • Blaster (2 GP) - Fires single energy rounds; damage depends on the amount of charge.
  • Conical Blast (2 GP) - Fires a burst of energy in conical fashion; conical area of damage depends on charge time.
  • 2 Parallel (2 GP) - Fires 2 bullets in side-by-side fashion.
  • 3 Spread (2 GP) - Fires 3 bullets, spread out.
  • 3 Parallel (3 GP) - Fires 3 bullets in side-by-side fashion.
  • 5 Spread (3 GP) - Fires 5 bullets, spread out.
  • Lightning Trap (3 GP) - Fires a mine that shocks enemies that get too close.
  • Shotgun (3 GP) - Blasts powerful flecks in sporadic fashion.
  • Super Machine Gun (3 GP) - Fires faster and stronger than the Machine Gun.
  • Pierce Cannon (3 GP) - Fires a single, fast round that pierces through enemies.
  • Dual Large MG (4 GP) - Fires 2 heavy bullets, side-by-side, at fast pace.
  • Seeker Factory (4 GP) - Fires a seeker of varying strength, depending on how long it has charged; has seven levels of charge, higher levels of charge give better seeking capabilities and area damage effects.
  • Sticky Bomber (4 GP) - Fires a bubble mine that detonates after a while, or when the shot limit is reached.
  • Ricochet Cannon (4 GP) - Fires a bullet that rebounds off the bubblefield walls.
  • Beam Cannon (4 GP) - Fires a straight, focused, constant beam.
  • Leech Cannon (4 GP) - Fires bullets that send health back to you.
  • Bubble Thrower (4 GP) - Fires many bubbles over a short distance in an extremely rapid fashion.
  • Exploding Pierce (5 GP) - Fires a piercing round that explodes and pierces upon contact.
  • Phaser (5 GP) - Fires a laser of varying strength, depending on the amount of charge; a full charge will fire three lasers instead of one.
  • Minigun (8 GP) - Fires bullets extremely rapidly but inaccurately after a somewhat long spool-up time.
  • Super Blaster (10 GP) - When fully charged, unleashes an energy ball that sucks up and destroys most enemies.

Secondary WeaponsEdit

  • SB Detonator (1 GP) - Pressing the secondary fire key will detonate any Sticky Bomber bombs on-screen.
  • Sticky Burst (2 GP) - Fires a 360-volley of sticky rounds.
  • Weaken Sludge (2 GP) - Barfs out a sludge that renders enemies susceptible to more damage per hit.
  • Shield (2 GP) - Projects a shield that blocks all fire.
  • Homing Rockets (2 GP) - Fires up to 6 enemy-seeking rockets.
  • Stun Burst (2 GP) - Emits a short wave that renders close by enemies immobile and incapable of firing.
  • Seekers (2 GP) - Fires a bubble missile that deals heavy damage.
  • Teleport Before (2 GP) - Teleports before other secondary weapons recharge.
  • Teleport After (2 GP) Teleports after all secondary weapons recharge.
  • Ally Bay: Swarm (2 GP) - Unleashes a small ally fighter that attacks all enemies.
  • Disabler Drones (2 GP) - Fires a sticky drone that slows an enemy and disables it from firing.
  • Area Burst (3 GP) - Emits a wave of area damage around your bubble tank.
  • Star Burst (3 GP) - Fires a round that explodes into a 360-volley of 36 bullets.
  • Clone Decoy (3 GP) - Creates a replica of your tank that enemies will shoot at.
  • Rocket Launcher (3 GP) - Fires many heavy rockets that follow a sine wave.
  • Massive Cannon (3 GP) - Unleashes a huge bubble round that pierces, explodes, and kills.
  • Ally Bay: Collector (3 GP) - Unleashes a small tank that collects bubbles for you.
  • Ally Bay: Mine Layer (3 GP) - Unleashes a heavy ally that drops mines, which explode upon enemy contact.
  • Time Freeze (3 GP) - Freezes time for a few seconds, rendering enemies immobile and defenseless.
  • Area Burst Cannon (4 GP) - Fires a round that violently explodes upon contact.
  • Drone Converter (4 GP) - Fires a wave that converts all enemy drones on-screen into ally seekers.
  • Doomsday Infect (4 GP) - Fires a virus seeker that infects and kills enemies; killed enemies will release virus seekers.
  • Bubble Whip (4 GP) - Brandishes a fast whip that deals great damage in a short 360-degree radius.
  • Railgun (8 GP) - Once locked on, fires a huge laser that incinerates a single enemy.
  • Apocalypse Cannon (9 GP) - Fires a large shot that will destroy any enemy that comes in contact with, and destroys the bubblefield upon reaching the edge of one.

Passive WeaponsEdit

  • Radar (1 GP) - Points out enemies off-screen.
  • Health Readout (1 GP) - Shows a health bar below all enemies.
  • Shock Node (1 GP) - Enemies that come into close contact will be electrocuted.
  • Auto Cannon (1 GP) - Automatic turret that fires single, bubble rounds.
  • Small Lock Boost (1 GP) - Allows your locking weapons to have 3 locks at once; stackable.
  • Mouse Seekers (2 GP) - Fires seekers that follow your mouse.
  • Speed Booster (2 GP) - Enables your bubble tank to move faster; stackable.
  • Orbital Seekers (3 GP) - Automatically fires up to five seekers that orbit your tank, attacking enemies that get close.
  • Impact Shield (3 GP) - After being hit a certain number of times, generates a temporary Forcefield.
  • Large Lock Boost (3 GP) - Allows locking weapons to have up to 6 locks at once.
  • Forcefield (3 GP) - Allows your high-class bubble tank temporary invincibility; becomes depleted by heavy enemy fire, needing a short recharge time to recover.

Enemy TanksEdit


  • Basic Cannon (1 GP) - Fires single rounds.
  • Seeker Carrier (1 GP) - Large bubble that, when popped, will unleash seekers.
  • Mine Dropper (2 GP) - Drops mines that explode on contact.
  • Seekers (2 GP) - Fires guided missiles.
  • Heavy Cannon (2 GP) - Fires large rounds that deal great damage.
  • Sticky Cannon - Fires rounds that slow down avatar tanks.
  • Seeker Mine Dropper - Fires a mine that attacks those who get too close.
  • Shock Node - Shocks tanks who get too close.
  • Seeker Mine Pod - When enemy tank dies, it will unleash many Seeker Mines.
  • Ink Gun - Fires a blot of ink that blinds the player tank.
  • Spike - Melee jousting weapon, best coupled with Aggressive behaviour.
  • After Death Exploder - After enemy receives critical damage, it will emit flashes of light, and explode.
  • 3 Parallel - Fires 3 bullets side by side.
  • 3 Spread - Fires 3 bullets spread out.
  • Ripple Generator - Generates a wave that pushes player tanks backwards.
  • Deadhead Spawner - After death, the enemy will explode into many Deadhead tanks.
  • Rocket Launcher - Fires 10 powerful rockets.
  • Jamming Gun - Fires a round that, upon contact, will disable weapons fire.
  • Shield Turrets - Shoots out a generator that gives the enemy a shield that blocks all bullets.
  • Poison Trail - Unleashes a trail of deadly gas.
  • Enemy Spawner - Creates and unleashes enemy fighters.
  • Chomper - Giant maw that snaps those who get too close.
  • Sapper Drones - Sends out a drone that steals enemy health.
  • 5 Parallel - Fires 5 bullets side by side.
  • Edge Proximity Mines - Fires mines that stick to the edge of the bubblefield.
  • Flak Cannon - Fires large bombs that explode after a certain distance.
  • 360 Spread - Fires many bullets in 360-degree fashion.
  • Super Shock Node - Huge shock node that, when inflated, deals massive damage.
  • Orbital Seeker - Generates 5 seekers that orbit the tank.
  • Jam-Gas Launcher - Launches a stream of gas that, upon contact, disables weapons fire.
  • Lock Scrambler - Disables players from locking on.
  • Mine Trail Cannon - Fires a large bubble that lays out a line of mines.
  • Shock Cannon - Fires a huge, detached Super Shock Node.
  • 5 Spread - Fires 5 bullets, spread out.
  • Machine Gun - Fires bullets in short, rapid bursts.
  • Rotating Machine Gun - Spins around and fires heavy rounds in rapid succession only for player tank
  • Neutralizer - Disables the use of the Apocalypse Cannon.
  • Spin-Fire - Fires a round that fires 4 spinning streams of bullets in a 360-fashion.

Behaviour PartsEdit

  • Aggressive - The tank will fly straight towards the player.
  • Skittish - The tank will run from the player.
  • Wall Flower - The tank will circle around the bubblefield edge.
  • Phasing - The tank will phase in and out of visibility.
  • Healer - The tank will heal other, damaged enemy tanks.
  • Hardening - The tank will sporadically become invincible.
  • Warp - The tank will teleport around the bubblefield.
  • Bubble Collector - The tank will collect dropped bubbles so the player cannot collect them.
  • Flocking - The tank will flock with other tanks with the Flocking part.

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